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Our team of Academic Operators and Course Facilitators are certified educators held to the highest academic standards; they represent decades of in-person, virtual, and hybrid teaching experience.

  • Erin White

    Erin White

    Biology, AP Environmental Science, AP Biology

  • Jordan Sanchez

    Jordan Sanchez

    Algebra II, College Algebra, AP Physics, Physics

  • Asna Qureshi

    Asna Qureshi

    Advanced Math and Trigonometry , Pre-Algebra

  • Rebecca Rogers

    Rebecca Rogers

    AP World History, AP United States History, United States History, World History

  • Alexis Frost

    Alexis Frost

    Algebra I

  • Madeleine Woods

    Madeleine Woods

    AP 2-D Art and Design, AP European History, AP Art History

  • Alex Benke

    Alex Benke

    English III: Language and Composition, AP English Language and Composition, College Writing, AP Psychology, Psychology

  • Dr. Trevor Boffone and Josh Zambrano

    Dr. Trevor Boffone and Josh Zambrano

    Spanish I

  • Chad Copeland

    Chad Copeland


  • Justice Shepard

    Justice Shepard

    AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC , Calculus, Pre-Calculus

  • Caleb Park

    Caleb Park

    Applied Java (Formerly: Intro. to Comp. Sci.), AP Computer Science A , AP Computer Science Principles

  • Amanda Liu

    Amanda Liu

    AP Statistics, Geometry

  • Dave Farina

    Dave Farina

    AP Chemistry, Chemistry

  • Natasha Carlo

    Natasha Carlo

    English I: American Literature and Composition

  • Susanna McConnell

    Susanna McConnell

    AP Microeconomics

  • Keith Hughes

    Keith Hughes

    AP United States Government and Politics

  • Carla MacDonald

    Carla MacDonald


  • Julie Achettu and ShaRhonda Cleckley

    Julie Achettu and ShaRhonda Cleckley

    Ethnic Studies

  • Tarek Zaher

    Tarek Zaher


  • David Sailsily

    David Sailsily

    AP French Language and Culture

  • Julien Heron and David Sainsily

    Julien Heron and David Sainsily

    French I

  • Anthony Solis & Hana Burkly

    Anthony Solis & Hana Burkly

    Spanish II

  • Kristy Dawn Dinsmore

    Kristy Dawn Dinsmore


  • Michael Ray

    Michael Ray

    AP Music Theory

  • Mark Gutierrez

    Mark Gutierrez

    Music Production & Digital Media

  • Myriam Abdelaziz

    Myriam Abdelaziz

    Photography I

  • Brandon Copeland

    Brandon Copeland

    Financial Literacy I: Personal Finance, Financial Literacy II: Budgeting and Investing

  • Jordan Lewis

    Jordan Lewis

    Introduction to Engineering

  • Reena Vokoun and Dr. Rossana Sida

    Reena Vokoun and Dr. Rossana Sida

    CA Health

Education Team

Our team of Educators are certified to the highest academic standards; they represent decades of in-person, virtual, and hybrid teaching experience.

  • Hannah Survance

    Hannah Survance

    Learning Success Manager

  • Valerie Hirschberg

    Valerie Hirschberg

    Curriculum Associate

  • Chelsea Armstrong

    Chelsea Armstrong

    Curriculum Manager

  • Hollie Vilardo

    Hollie Vilardo

    Senior Learning Success Manager

  • Danielle Justeen

    Danielle Justeen

    Academic and Content Operations Manager

  • Jamie Smith

    Jamie Smith

    Senior Manager of Academics

  • Kelsey Smith

    Kelsey Smith

    Curriculum Manager

  • Rebecca Paulsen

    Rebecca Paulsen

    Learning Success Manager

Advisory Board

Our Academic Advisory Board members are educators, mission-driven innovators, and experts in the field, who bring diverse educational and technological expertise to the table.

  • Antonio Bernardo

    Antonio Bernardo

  • Fernando Reimers

    Fernando Reimers

  • Sandra Ospina

    Sandra Ospina

  • Veronica Ruiz, Ed. M

    Veronica Ruiz, Ed. M

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