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Online Learning for this Generation.

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High School Courses Offered
When curriculum adapts to the learner rather than the reverse, outcomes are unlocked.
Completion Rate

Students demonstrate motivation to excel in their core courses on the Subject platform.

Satisfaction Rate

Teachers report having the tools and support needed to facilitate an effective semester through our platform.

Average Score Improvement

Students demonstrate substantial gains on math exams between the middle and end of our courses.

We create cutting-edge online courses that engage high school students and generate results.

Use of Storytelling

We leverage interactive role-playing and acting out narratives to tap into Gen Z's preference for immersive, social learning experiences.

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Use of Multimedia

We utilize short video lessons, interactive images, and other multimedia formats to speak to digital natives in their preferred language.

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Gen Z is digital
double down on video

How learning happens for students today.

As students spend 3-4 hours each day online, their preference for bite-sized bursts of information naturally emerges.

Our instructional method includes breaking down important concepts into small, focused segments, linking lessons to familiar cultural examples to promote long-term understanding. This innovative approach encourages thorough engagement and comprehension.


Core curriculum courses for high school students.

We offer a complete selection of core subjects meeting Common Core standards—from Math and English to life-first electives like Financial Literacy and innovative NGSS Science courses.

Credit Recovery courses for high school students.

Getting off track doesn't mean falling behind. Our credit recovery courses feature pre-diagnostic assessments to pinpoint learning gaps and support rapid progress.

Advanced Placement courses for high school students.

Get a head start on college-level academics across a range of subjects.

Multilingual (Spanish) courses for high school students.

We're removing language barriers for ELLs by incorporating video dubbing, lip-syncing, translating all written materials, and offering full student support services in Spanish. This makes the same world-class learning experience accessible to Spanish-speaking students.
We partner with school districts to provide tools and resources that empower students and teachers in unlocking their greatest potential.
  • It's just the ability for [Subject] to take the interests and the needs of our community and build a platform that's going to serve our students. And working with [Subject's] team and [Brawley's] team and putting together a plan that would be conducive to the needs of our students...we've been hooked from that moment on.
    Simon Canalez
    Superintendent, Brawley Union High School District
  • As an independent study high school teacher, it is challenging to find curriculum for students that is engaging, meaningful, and that they can do on their own. My students report that [Subject] is user friendly and that they actually enjoy it! The content sparks great discussions during our weekly appointments and the students seem to be learning and growing from the experience.
    Wendy Roscoe
    Teacher, Gateway Unified School District
  • I had a single class in [previous provider] last year and couldn’t do it. A couple of assignments in and I get so bored I have to stop. With Subject, I’ve already completed 5 courses this semester. I took French for fun. I kid you not this is the best thing I’ve ever used. The UI is great, it’s easy to use, it has a great reward mechanism. I’m so thankful.
    Gonzales Unified School District
  • Subject is much more engaging than what students were doing prior. The curriculum is well-designed for student learning experiences!
    Jaime Lambert
    Assistant Principal, Innovation High School/Assurance Learning Academy
  • [Other platforms] are stuck in the old times and extremely boring. People really hated it. The videos were too long and the platform was hard to use and not intuitive. Subject feels way more modern.
    iLead Exploration

Base your next move on student performance insights.

Initial Credit Completion Rate 94%
Initial Credit Overall Score 84%
Credit Recovery Completion Rate 98%
Credit Recovery Overall Score 82%
AP Completion Rate 94%
AP Overall Score 81%
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